Glock Zapper

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Glock Zapper

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59 comments, 803 points

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  1. A lot of people getting uptight about this being toy like and “won’t someone think of the children”… it’s modelled on the zapper for a console from the 80s; it’s specific draw is to people who remember the NES ie over 30 give or take, and it’s not like it’s for sale in toys r us,

  2. ITT: people who think that dumb kids will treat every gun no matter the finish as a toy. Also people who have never held a gun and don’t realize they’re nowhere near as light as a toy. Third, people who don’t know gunsafes and cabinets exist.

  3. So many people here yelling about the kids, and how this gun shouldn’t look like a toy. The thing is tho, how many kids would recognize a Nintendo zapper? When we were kids, yeah we knew what a zapper was, duck hunt was our jam. But we aren’t kids anymore. Just about everyone old enough to know what a zapper is is old enough to recognize that this is fact, a real goddamn gun. Just about anyone young enough to confuse the two don’t know what the hell a zapper is. In fact I’d bet that they’d recognize it as a glock first, cause they aren’t playing duck hunt these days, they’re playing call of duty, saying terrible things about each others mothers.

    Further, this gun in particular is a safe queen, I guarantee it. It sits locked up and unloaded for most of its life, lest you scratch the finish. No different than the ridiculous 100 year commemorative edition of the 1911 with the gold in pasting. No one who is spending that kind of money on a gun is also carrying said gun, it sure isn’t getting left out either.

    Just don’t paint the barrel tip orange. We’ve all sort of agreed that orange tip means it really is a toy.

  4. That’s pretty cool, how does one go about customizing it like that? I’ve got my liscence, but this looks like it’d be very expensive and I’m sure the novelty would wear off fast. Still looks very sleek though.

  5. Making a gun look like a toy, what a fucking idiotic idea.

    I like shooting, I like gaming, I like toys. This is fucking stupid, because even if you practice exceedingly good firearm safety, this only will make the police more nervous around kids who have toy guns.

  6. Guns that look like toys are dangerous, because of kids.

    Toys that look like guns are dangerous, because of cops.

    I find it darkly humorous that there is a possibility that this paint job makes it statistically safer.

  7. I just assumed someone took an old gun, painted it and fitted a light gun sensor in the barrel to make a more realistic peripheral … until I clicked the comments & saw everyone losing their mind lol