I’m guessing this will be one he remembers forever.

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I’m guessing this will be one he remembers forever.

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  1. Oh man these were always the best kinds of Christmas growing up. There’s a photo of me in a similar pose with a SNES a long long time ago. Hope he gets a lot of fun out of it and happy new year!

  2. All the adults chipped in to get my nephew an XB1 last Christmas. He was convinced that we had just wrapped something else in the console box to punk him, right up until he got through the last layer of styrofoam. These moments really are the best, plus now he gets to play Warframe with his uncle.

  3. One Christmas maybe 5ish years ago I bought my boyfriend an Xbox 360. His parents at the time told him he wasn’t allowed to have gaming consoles or a computer because he wasn’t focused enough on school and those things would further distract him. Well, that Christmas I was given permission to buy him an Xbox. Oh my god. When he opened it, he actually started crying. Imagine a basically adult (18 maybe?) crying because he got an Xbox for Christmas. That was by far my favorite Christmas and I have yet to top that gift. He’s adorable.

  4. To this day I clearly remember:
    Waking up at 4am
    Going to the living room
    Opening the bottom of my gift
    Seeing the PS2 label
    *physical excitement*
    Running back to my room and waiting for everyone to wake up.

    Best Christmas ever!

    GF got me a PS4 pro this Christmas!

  5. Don’t listen to the people who say “nobody cares” or the thing you gave is “bad”. It’s amazing that you, or someone else, was able to give a kid a gift he will enjoy. There is no PS4 vs Xbox or good vs bad game discussions needed, because what has been done is, and will always be, an great thing. Hope he enjoys every last bit of it <3

  6. Honestly you prolly have a good one. Not only will he remember he got it but he’s grateful and he prolly didn’t think he’d get it/you couldn’t afford it.

    My wife got my the switch and I haven’t been that emotional since I was a kid. I’m happy this kid is happy lol

  7. My parents ALWAYS told me, “We looked SO hard for it, but it was sold out everywhere 🙁 Sorry kiddo, but don’t expect a [console] this Christmas”, and I totally fell for it. Every time. My parents loved (actually they still do) to troll me lol.


    This year I got a vacuum cleaner. Almost as exciting.

  8. He will if he likes Spider-Man as much as I did as a kid! I still remember playing Spider-Man for N64 and the 2002 one when the Sam Raimi films came out. I fucking loved those games so much as a kid and this new one is waaaaay better and cooler than those!


    Ya did good, OP!

  9. We didn’t have much money growing up, so big presents like this weren’t common.

    I remember peeling back the wrapping paper and seeing that little bit of Sonic the Hedgehog on the box. I started screaming and dancing around with it.

    My Dad set up the Sega right away, and my sisters and I stayed up til 2 in the morning playing Sonic and Knuckles. The only thing that would make us sleep was the reminder that Santa wouldn’t come if we were up. My sisters live far away now, and we’re rarely all together at the same time. Whenever I play our old Sega, I think of them.

  10. I screamed and screamed when i got my nintendo. Thing was it wasn’t even Christmas, they just randomly got it. Still remember staring close into the tv to see how the pixels formed mario and other objects in the game.

  11. I remember when I was 12 I had to have some pretty extreme surgeries (12 hours+) and my parents, despite us being in poverty surprised me at the hospital with a super nintendo super mario all-stars edition. I don’t recall ever being so happy in my entire life.

  12. When I was 12 maybe my sister told me my mom was getting me a PS3 for Christmas. I cried right there because I never thought I would be able to get one I was so happy. My sister thought it was weird but I wish I saved that reaction for my mom. I got a PS3, fight night round 4, ghostbusters, and midnight club dub edition. All of which were great. I am very happy for this kid.

  13. Apparently when I received an NES as a child, I opened the present and stopped breathing, like literally started going blue. My mom had to walk up behind me and smack me on the back a few times to get me breathing again.

  14. 2001 Christmas eve, just got back to my gmas after seeing The Fellowship of the Ring. My cousin and I decided to use empty wrapping paper rolls as swords, after a few swings the manual for the Xbox came flying out of my roll.

    Parents were disappointed I found my present early but let me play Halo all night.

  15. This hit me with a realization. These games are gonna be this kids nostalgic flashback someday. What was spyro, scaler, and Mario for me is gonna be spiderman for him.

    That’s awesome

  16. i remember one christmas where we were going to some vacation instead of being home. i asked about the presents on christmas and my parents were like “obviously santa will still place your presents” and i was like uhhh santa? really? didnt think much more of it.

    got back home on like the 2nd of jan and sure enough there were presents under the tree. started opening, got most of the stuff i wanted, a bunch of stuff i hadnt asked for but it was still fuckin cool af. there was 1 particular thing, a pair of gameboy games, that i didnt see. no big deal, still a good haul and i figured santa or my parents just didnt want me playing video games since that seemed to be a theme.

    opened one of the boxes of a toy and 2 more tiny little presents fell out. it was the games. i LOST. MY. SHIT. like TOTAL fuckin bonus round, it was insane.

    another christmas i asked for a razor scooter. reasonably fast/easy transport was a biggy for me around that time and i didnt always want to ride a bike. i didnt get a razor scooter. instead, i got a Royce Union scooter. it had a VERY heavy duty frame and both front and rear suspension. i was sort of iffy about it but that fucker rode like a DREAM. i couldnt do tricks and shit on it due to the suspension but no big deal, i wasnt big on “lets try stupid shit till i either get it right or get too badly hurt to continue”.

    a few months later i tried out an actual razor scooter and found it was complete horse shit. every single place the sidewalk slabs were cut, ever single bump and rock and other debris, you felt ALL of it. the royce was smooth as butter. i fuckin LOVED that scooter. It was like 3 times more expensive than the razor too, and worth every fucking penny.

  17. I was visiting Japan early this year for a game-design conference, and Masahiro Sakurai (creator of the *Super Smash Bros.* series) was fielding some questions through a translator for the English-speaking press. I asked him if his calcific tendinitis (shoulder injury) still made testing difficult.

    He confessed that the stress of expectations, as well as his injury, caused him to consider handing over the reins at several points, but his wife would patiently console him and remind him of how happy he was going to make millions of children and “big children” around the world when they open their Christmas presents and get to experience the full joy of a game series he made his life’s work, and that people for generations onward would get to enjoy his legacy. He added that long nights didn’t seem so long when he remembered why he does this in the first place—to spread happiness to his fans.