Deception level 99

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Deception level 99

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62 comments, 809 points

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  1. It’s nice to see someone does this as well.

    It’s a recurring practical joke in my family to wrap gifts to trick the receiver into thinking they are getting something else.

    One bit of advice to anyone thinking of doing this is to **never** trick someone into thinking they are getting something they really wanted and then not giving it to them – that’s how you crush a persons soul and seed hate in them.

    The most devious thing you can get away with is “The Roller-coaster” where you trick them into thinking they are getting something they really want so they are super exited for it, but then it’s a crappy gift and they are stunned and super sad for 1 second but then .. psyche! – you reveal that they are actually getting the thing they first thought they were going to get and they are happy again!

    This year my nephew is going to get 7 individually wrapped toy cars in equal shaped boxes (so he can get the joy of being overwelmed by the number of gifts he is getting) and 1 extra gift in the same shape that is something completely different just to throw him off – I’ll probably weight it too so it weighs as much as the toy cars.

    Last year my prank gift was a sexy christmas g-string for men, that I gave to my brother with a generous strippers tip (cash) attached to them so he wasn’t let down.

  2. When guitar hero was pretty big, my parents gave me what I thought was guitar hero..but no it was a guitar hero box filled with socks and underwear..never been more pissed

  3. Imagine a spoiled kid/s that smashes their presents because the believe they weren’t getting what they asked for only to find they did get what they asked for but it’s now destroyed because of their tantrum.

  4. I’ve been seeing these posts for the last month and tried to make one myself. I have no idea how you all make those edges and corners so perfect. Anyone have any tips on how to make those smooth lines on a not so normal shaped box?

  5. Okay but how do I go about making this myself? I got my boyfriend a guitar for Christmas and I want to wrap it in a square box but I also got him some other stuff that I’d love to wrap like this 😂

  6. Back when the Wii just came out, I gifted my good buddy my extra Megadrive in the Wii carton* for his birthday. But when he opened the wrapping, and everybody was cheering “whoa, a Wii” and he was asking me where I got that kind of money, I started to feel bad.

    Come to think of it, I never saw the Megadrive hooked up.


    * The Megadrive fit perfectly in the Wii box. No shifting or rattling, just about the same weight. I was a little bit proud.