Throwback to this beast of a game that took up all my free time in school.

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Throwback to this beast of a game that took up all my free time in school.

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113 comments, 865 points

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  1. A friend and I found all the .wav files for the sounds and recorded ourselves making stupid noises and overwrote all of them. The next time my Dad went to play it, he lost it and told me to put it back and back then there was no “put it back or copy from the other computer”

  2. i still play it on work, we had an old early 2000 PC there. and after some money and work i got WinXP SP3 on it. even has Bluetotth support and i get it into the Internet via my Phone over USB.

    wish there was a HD Remaster, not a remake… i don’t want to be able to spend money in it.

  3. Yay! Nostalgia shitposts! Just put up a screen cap of an 8-to-35 year old game with a comment about how you used to play it. Just watch the karma roll in! 35.2k upvotes! Front page!

  4. Got written up in the 6th grade for getting the high score in this during computer lab and instead of entering my name, I would just say the person under my score sucked.

    Come to think of it, 20 years later, I still shitpost.

  5. I kept on beating the dayshifts boss old score when I was constant nightshift though I had to leave the name ambiguous for obvious reasons. Went on for quite a while.

  6. Funny story how **Pinball** disappeared from Windows platform. The last OS this game came pre-installed with was **Windows XP**.

    When **Vista, 7 & 8** came out, it disappeared, though it can still be re-installed from the store or just grab an old copy online and it will still run.

    Apparently, *Raymond Chen*, a software engineer, admitted that it was all because of a source code that was difficult read. Keep in mind this game was developed by *Maxis* some **24** years back, when **Win 95** was the rage.

    Long story short, while Chen was porting millions of lines of code over from **Windows XP 32-bit** so Microsoft could ship the **Windows XP 64-bit**, the code which included **Pinball** had a bug that saw the ball drop through the launcher and off the table.

    You cannot play Pinball without a ball ‽

    Chen and another Microsoft programmer tried to fix the bug but couldn’t figure out how the game worked just from reading the source code.

    There was no documentation to fall back on or, you know, rewrite the code, so they gave up due to time constraints and shipped the new OS without **Pinball**.

    The newer version of **Pinball**, of course, is not the same as the Win XP one. It looks like [this]( now.